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Top Shelf Dog Gives Thanks

Posted on November 21 2022

A short list of gratitude, the five people, places, and animals we’re thankful for [Spoiler alert: It’s all about the dogs]

  • You!

Whether you’re a customer or someone who’s supported Top Shelf Dog in its first year, we give thanks to you. Launching a commercial enterprise is exciting, but it can be stressful, too. Having friends, colleagues and consultants to lean on has given us perspective, the confidence to grow, and build a business around something we’re passionate about.

  • Healthy Food

For people and for dogs! Forty-odd years ago [why 40?  Is there something about 40 years that is relevant and when things changed?  I would think it could be “Not that long ago, consumers had just a handful . . . “] I’m willing to bet consumers had just a handful of options for feeding their dogs delicious and healthy meals. Fast forward to 2022, there are so many nutritious options available to fuel our furry family members, but few as convenient as Top Shelf Dog! When we set out creating Top Shelf Dog’s first recipe it was difficult to choose from so many whole, vitamin-rich ingredients. We knew we had to not only make it nutritious, but convenient. Years of research and development led us to an option that requires no refrigeration, uses no artificial preservatives, byproducts or fillers. 

  • Dog Parks

The number one dog-friendly city in America is Boise, Idaho. According to “City Park Facts 2021 – Facilities and Recreational Amenities Data,” an annual report from nonprofit The Trust for Public Land, Boise has a total of 15 dog parks or 6.3 per 100,000 residents. Not only a great way to socialize your pup, but a great way to meet people who share your love of animals. My hometown lacks “official” dog parks, but there are a number of, “unsanctioned” morning and evening meet-ups at the various parks around town. If you’re reading this, you probably know where you can bring your pup to play, but if you’re unsure, just call your town’s parks and rec department. If no dog parks exist, lobby for one!

  • Dogs!

According to a March study by Colleen Dell, research chair in One Health and Wellness and professor at the University of Saskatchewan, just 10 minutes spent with a dog helped reduce patients’ pain. When my father-in-law, a major presence in our family, passed away earlier this summer, it was our dog, Remy who provided our kids with the most effective comfort. Whether Remy was sleeping in Charlie’s bed, cuddling up with Amelia while she read, or allowing Ellie to love on him, Remy was their go-to source of comfort. He was so intuitive. He knew where he was needed. When Remy passed away in September, we returned the favor, and were there for him, too.    

  • Major

Shout out to Major, the first shelter dog to live in the White House! He’s got a few behavioral “issues,” but don’t we all? Kudos to the First Family for adopting a rescue. According to the ASPCA, approximately 3.1 million companion dogs enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, only 2 million are adopted. Let’s close that gap.