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Top 5 reasons why dogs make holidays a lot less stressful

Posted on December 15 2022

The most wonderful time of the year? For some, yes. But for a lot of people the holidays bring a certain amount of stress and anxiety. But have no fear because fido’s here! Yes. That’s right, oftentimes all the situation calls for is a little quality time with your four-legged friend.

Don’t believe us? It’s scientifically proven that having a dog around relieves stress. Several studies have shown that interacting with an animal decreases levels of cortisol, increases levels of oxytocin (the same hormone that bonds mothers to babies), and can even lower blood pressure. Thanks Science!

With Science as our friend, we bring you the 5 reasons why dogs make holidays less stressful:

1. Exercise

A walk with a dog is a good excuse to get some exercise. It’s also a good excuse to break away from that uncomfortable political conversation with your Uncle Bill. So go ahead, clear your head, stretch the legs, ditch the political talk, and suck in some clean, brisk fresh air with your fur baby!

2. Company

Feeling lonely around the holidays? You’re never truly alone if you have a dog by your side…watching a movie, doing the laundry, driving to the store…all best done in the company of a dog.

3. Cooking

Did you know that dogs make excellent sous chefs? Think about it. They keep the kitchen floor (and counters at times) sparkling clean. Five second rule? More like one second rule.

4. Awkward Conversation Avoidance

We mentioned this earlier. “Sorry Uncle Bill, I don’t mean to interrupt but I must walk the dog.” Or, when two family members get into a tense discussion, turning attention to how cute or funny the dog is can help turn attention away from the family tiff that is brewing.

5. Gift Appreciation

We love children. We even love Uncle Bill, but let’s be honest, sometimes they’re hard to please. Dogs? They have no idea the gift you’re giving them took all of 5 minutes to pick out. Heck, they’d be happy with a carrot from the crisper. Ever see a dog turn down a gift? Me neither. Which reminds us, don’t forget the family pet around the holidays. Maybe splurge a little and throw some Top Shelf in his/her stocking?!

So, what are you waiting for? Put that roast in the oven. Pour Uncle Bill a Manhattan, flip the TV to your favorite NFL match-up (There are over 10 NFL games on Christmas Eve and 3 on Christmas Day), and cozy up next to the fire with Fido at your feet.