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Restaurant Quality Dog Food Straight From Your Pantry

Top Shelf is designed to improve what your dog eats throughout the day: as an enticing dog food topper, a nutritious training treat, or a complete meal. Perfect for senior pups, picky eaters, and dogs who deserve the very best.

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Why Top Shelf Dog?


No more defrosting natural foods, waiting for weekly deliveries, or dog food cluttered refrigerators.


You wouldn’t put second-rate ingredients in your body, and we wouldn’t do that to your dog!

Shelf Stable

Our premium entrées are fortified with vitamins and minerals, and can be conveniently stored on your shelves.


We are steadfast in using only the highest quality ingredients. Top Shelf Dog food entrées are not frozen and don’t require refrigeration.

How It Works

With a team full of dog owners, we know how much work goes into keeping our best friends fed and healthy. At Top Shelf Dog, we've made it easier than ever for owners to provide their dogs with nutritious ingredients in every bit. Simply choose a plan, receive your ready to serve order, and watch the magic happen at dinnertime.

Convenient Plans

Confidence. Consistency. Predictability. Value. Peace of mind. Easy. That’s what you get when you place your order for Top Shelf Dog food. Our convenient subscription plans make it easy for you to order, receive, and maintain your supply of Top Shelf Dog food.

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Your dog deserves nutritious ingredients, and you deserve a convenient source of shelf stable food for your best friend. Take the first step - your dog will thank you.

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