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Top Shelf Dog was born more than 10 years ago. Bailey, a happy yellow lab and Dixie, a shy coonhound were struggling with weight gain and joint issues. With no commercial dog food available to address the dogs’ nutritional requirements Top Shelf’s founder (Chip) and his father (Bud) decided to make a food that would.

The ideal formula needed to contain a variety of natural ingredients, with each ingredient providing its own special nutrition. The four necessary ingredients they discovered were chicken for its protein, carrots for its vitamin A plus other nutrients, green beans for its iron, calcium, vitamins B6, A, C, and K, and quinoa, a “superfood” for its antioxidants and wide variety of minerals.

Understanding that cooking fresh food every day was impractical, Chip’s dad worked with a leading university to successfully create and perfect a manufacturing process that would allow for the preparation of food that would then be shelf stable without freezing or refrigeration.

Fast forward 10 years and Chip and his wife, Christy were in their kitchen, still cooking for their own dogs, but growing tired of juggling the task with kids’ school work, sports, work, etc. They tried some of the fresh, home delivery options, but found the frozen and refrigerated options were taking over their freezer. Defrosting the meals was a hassle.

Left with no solid alternative and recognizing that many other friends and family were likely in the same boat, they set out to commercialize the original family recipe and complete what has become their family’s legacy. The result – a convenient, all natural, premium quality, fresh meal that requires no refrigeration and can be easily stored on a shelf. Top Shelf Dog food!

Premium Quality Dog Food

We love dogs. Remy, Coco, Bode, Lily, Itsy, Izzy – they’re not just dogs, they are members of our families.

But when we realized we were spending hours every week cooking wholesome meals for our fur babies and that other pet parents were doing the same we realized there had to be a better way.

That’s when Top Shelf Dog was born.

Shelf Stable

Save Space & Stock Up!

Our premium Chicken Dinner entree is shelf-stable, so you can conveniently store the pouches in your pantry prior to opening each package. Stock up on healthy food for your pup while saving valuable fridge space!

Top Shelf Dog Chicken Dinner requires no refrigeration, is fortified with vitamins and minerals, doesn’t include any artificial preservatives and can be conveniently stored on your shelves. Most, if not all, high-quality dog foods are delivered frozen or require refrigeration and have a very limited shelf life.

Specifically Formulated to Be Complete and Balanced

Top Shelf Dog entrees were formulated with the help of a leading nutritionist to be complete and balanced. Through years of research, we were able to create a line of entrées fully packed with vitamins and nutrients that leave your dogs with healthier coats and just the right amount of energy. Naturally occurring levels of chondroitin support healthy joints in older dogs, while giving younger dogs the required proteins and other nutrients.

The process by which we prepare (retort) the food was perfected with the help of a leading university. The convenient packaging allows you to take the meals anywhere you go. No preparation required. No thawing frozen meals. No refrigeration necessary.

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