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There are a lot of great products out there, many with fresh, whole food ingredients. Top Shelf Dog food, too, is just as fresh, but requires no defrosting, no refrigeration until opened, and is easily stored on the shelf. Our dogs are all fortunate to have choices that did not exist ten years ago. We don’t want to comment on other products out there, but we are confident that our process for selecting ingredients, the many years of research conducted with university experts, veterinarians and nutritionists to create a process that ensures shelf stability for long periods of time without the use of artificial preservatives and unidentifiable ingredients will give you, the dog parent, the confidence and satisfaction that you are doing the best you can.

Our shelf stable product leaves space in your refrigerator for human food while still allowing our dogs the opportunity to have incredible food at every meal. Our meals are never frozen. Our prices are among the best in the market for super premium products and we expect to have lifelong relationships with our customers and their dogs.

Top Shelf Dog Beef and Chicken Recipes are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages, from puppies to seniors. Our premium ingredients are selected to provide a balanced diet that supports optimal health and vitality for your canine companion. However, every dog is unique, and individual nutritional needs may vary. Therefore, it's always advisable to consult with a veterinarian for personalized guidance and to address any specific concerns or questions regarding your dog's diet and well-being. Your vet can offer valuable insights tailored to your dog's age, breed, health status, and any special dietary requirements.

If you’re introducing the food for the first time to your dog, most vets recommend you mix a portion of his/her current food with his/her new food. When switching dog food, the most important thing to remember is to make the transition slowly. Dogs may need 7 days (or more) to completely switch over to a new food.

Your dog’s food is cooked at a temperature, time and pressure that naturally give the food shelf stability for up to 24 months after the production date without the use of ANY artificial preservatives.

There are NO artificial preservatives, additives, byproducts, or fillers used in making Top Shelf Dog entrées. Food is cooked at temperature and pressure for a period of time, with added vitamins and minerals, making the food safe and nutritious for consumption.

No. Unlike other super premium foods, Top Shelf Dog entrées are never frozen and require no refrigeration, unless you open the package and have food remaining. The scientifically proven process by which we cook the food naturally gives it shelf stability, without the use of artificial preservatives so the food is always fresh! Once you open the package, you will want to refrigerate any food that you haven’t yet fed your pooch.

Yes, the food is fresh. The scientifically proven process by which we cook the food naturally gives it shelf stability, without the use of artificial preservatives. This makes storage easier, as you no longer have to keep large quantities of fresh food in your refrigerator or thaw out frozen meals.

How much food you feed your dog depends on your dog’s breed, age, sex, and activity level.  We recommend feeding one carton per day per 10-15 pounds of body weight. For dogs under 10 pounds, we recommend up to ½ a carton per day. Feed puppies up to twice the adult amount. Pregnant and lactating dogs up to 3 times the adult amount. These are merely guidelines. 

You can feed your dog Top Shelf Dog food at every meal. Sometimes puppies require harder food (kibble) for their teeth, in which case Top Shelf Dog can be mixed as a topper with puppy-approved kibble.

Our CEO (aka our “Top Dog”) works diligently with our co-manufacturing team to ensure that the food we are feeding our dogs is top quality. No artificial preservatives, no parts, no fillers, no byproducts, ever. Top Shelf Dog entrees are made with premium quality ingredients such as chicken, beef, green beans, carrots and quinoa and fortified with vitamins and minerals. 

Absolutely! We crafted these meals and perfected the cooking process such that Top Shelf Dog meals would be easy and convenient for travel. Take them to the beach, on vacation, to the park, to grandma’s house, open and serve.

When switching dog foods, the most important thing to remember is to make the transition slowly. Dogs may need 7 days (or more) to completely switch over to a new food. Simply put, it can take some time for your dog’s digestive system to get accustomed to the new food. That means, your dog’s poop may change in consistency! Looser stools are common during the transition phase. It’s always a safe bet to monitor your dog’s poop when transitioning, to get to Top Shelf Poops®. 

Simply fill out the “Ask the Nutritionist” form on our website at the bottom of this FAQ page. 

We have strict quality control processes throughout our entire supply chain and production process. These include: ingredients sourced from reputable top suppliers; heat penetration studies which are performed on every production run; on-site inspection of our carton by a process authority; a third shift in the facility that is devoted exclusively to cleaning and sterilization of the entire operation; and all-natural ingredients. We work with a highly reputable contract pet food manufacturer with top notch systems, processes, redundancies, and experience. 

In 2023, Top Shelf Dog began working with a sustainable, FSC-certified, recyclable packaging option that extended the recipe shelf-life, is better for the environment, decreased emissions, and increased the serving size, without increasing the cost to our customers. Seventy percent of our packaging is made from renewable resources and we are proud to offer a packaging solution with 80% lower global warming potential than cans or pouches. 


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