Safely feed your dog premium quality, nutritionist-approved, all-natural dog food fortified with vitamins and minerals. No parts, no fillers, no artificial preservatives; only top shelf ingredients.

Most importantly, even the pickiest pups love Top Shelf! Our dog food is perfect for picky eaters and works well as a dog food topper for older pups who have lost interest in their kibble.


Running out of dog food is never fun. Our subscription option provides predictable and convenient delivery of your dog’s food to your front door. Cross buying or preparing dog food off your “to do” list. Subscribing is easy. Leave the cooking and meal prep to us. No more defrosting natural foods, waiting for weekly deliveries, or dog food cluttered refrigerators.

High Quality

You wouldn’t put second-rate ingredients in your body, and we wouldn’t do that to your dog! Dogs, just like humans, thrive with all-natural ingredients. Pairing our all-natural, premium quality, nutritious ingredients with convenient shelf-stable packaging is the key to your convenience and the sure way to your dog’s heart!

Shelf Stable

Our premium entrées are fortified with vitamins and minerals, don’t include any artificial preservatives and can be conveniently stored on your shelves. The scientifically proven process by which we cook and package the food naturally gives it shelf stability for up to 24 months after the production date without the use of artificial preservatives. This makes storage easier, as you no longer have to keep large quantities of fresh food in your refrigerator.


Top Shelf Dog’s main ingredients – chicken or beef, green beans, carrots and quinoa - offer all of the nutrition your dog needs for healthy meals. No parts, no fillers, no artificial preservatives; only top shelf ingredients your dog needs. Our Top Dog carefully selects all of our suppliers to ensure that the food we are feeding our dogs is top shelf.


can improve a dog's eye health and strengthen their immune systems while supporting coat and skin health. The fiber in carrots helps your dog maintain good digestive health and also boosts heart health. Carrots are packed with beta-carotene which is converted into Vitamin A in your dog's body.

Chicken & Beef 

are an excellent source of protein, best known for supplying amino acids to support hair, skin, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. Both the chicken and beef in Top Shelf Dog recipes are also excellent sources of B vitamins, iron, and essential fatty acids keeping your dog’s coat healthy and silky smooth for cuddles! 


Many of us love to cook for our dogs - quality proteins, healthy carbs, and homemade meals for our four legged best friends. However, dogs need vitamins and minerals at levels not found in all natural meats and veggies. Top Shelf Dog has you covered! Our meals are recommended by veterinarian nutritionists  and packed with all the natural vitamins and minerals your dog needs.


is a superfood much lower on the glycemic index than rice, a common ingredient in other dog foods. Quinoa is packed with protein, calcium, and other nutrients that support a dog's overall health and well-being. 

Green Beans

are full of important vitamins and minerals, such as iron, calcium, protein and vitamins B6, A, C and K.




"We have been waiting for a dog food like this forever. We are so happy it's here. We'll never buy anything else ever again!"

- Kristy K


With nutritious ingredients, convenient plans, and a shelf stable package, it's no wonder countless owners recommend Top Shelf Dog. Take the first step to a happier, healthier pet.