Top Shelf Dog Comes to Market with New Packaging, New Beef, and Enhanced Chicken Recipes - but why You May Ask?

Posted on May 23 2024

Simply put, we are always looking to improve our food, our packaging and dogs’ and their owners’ experience with Top Shelf Dog.  We made several changes based on customer feedback and , as we’ve matured, we’ve found areas of improvement, from sourcing the highest quality ingredients and producing superior recipes to streamlining packaging and production; all in an effort to deliver a better product…and at a lower price! 

What specifically were the changes? For one, to increase convenience, ease of use, and storage space for dog parents, Top Shelf Dog is now packaged in easy-to-store and stack, cartons. Like the previous recipe, they do not require immediate refrigeration and can be stored in the pantry for up to two years after the production date. 

Sustainability also drove our decision to change the packaging. Early in 2023, Tom and I began working with a sustainable, FSC-certified, recyclable packaging option that extended the shelf-life, was better for the environment, decreased emissions, and increased the serving size, without increasing the cost to you, the consumer. Our new carton is recyclable, its compact size cuts down on material, and makes transporting it more efficient. Ultimately, the new carton puts less stress on the environment and gives Top Shelf Dog a much smaller carbon footprint.

Our biggest news – Beef! A number of consumers showed genuine interest in Top Shelf Dog, but for some, the Chicken recipe was a deal breaker because their faithful friends had poultry allergies. Our new beef dish solves that problem. 

What’s next you may ask? Perhaps something more exotic that’s out of this sea…er world! But you tell us! Submit your dietary requests to We’d love to hear from you.

You’re probably reading this and thinking all these changes must come with a higher price tag. Not at all. In fact, by making these changes we’ve decreased the cost to our customers. You may not have noticed, but we’re now serving an additional .75 ounces of deliciousness for the same price – that’s 8.75 ounces or nearly 10% more food at the same price point as our previous recipe, $4.99/carton. The same, high quality, ALL-natural food as previously served. And don’t forget, Top Shelf Dog is formulated to meet the nutritional requirements established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages, from small puppies to larger, adult canines.

The new branding? Who doesn’t enjoy a new look every once in a while? We love what we do so we thought, why not have some fun and spruce up Top Shelf’s image.

Lastly, at the risk of getting maudlin, the one thing we will never change is our determination to fill a hole in the fresh dog food market by creating a healthy recipe that is both balanced for canines and convenient for pet parents. 

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