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Top Shelf Dog Food: Restaurant-Quality Ingredients and Shelf Stable Packaging

Posted on December 22 2021

December 15, 2021 - Wellesley, MA – Top Shelf Dog today announced the commercial launch of the first of several all-natural, shelf-stable recipes straight from the pantry; formulas more than 10-years in the making. Unlike any dog food currently on the market, Top Shelf Dog’s ready-to-serve Chicken Dinner combines ingredients sourced from purveyors to American restaurants with a packaging and retort process that yields a healthy and fresh product that requires no refrigeration or freezing.

Top Shelf Dog food is fortified with a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals designed to promote healthy, shiny coats, increase energy levels, and give dogs what they need to thrive. The Chicken Dinner contains no artificial preservatives, fillers, or parts. The four main ingredients are Chicken, Quinoa, Green Beans and Carrots.

Top Shelf Dog’s history dates back more than 10 years. Bailey, a happy yellow lab and Dixie, a shy coonhound were struggling with weight gain and joint issues. With no commercial dog food available to address the dogs’ nutritional needs Top Shelf’s co-founder, Chip Bergstrom and his father set out to make a food that would.

The ideal formula needed to contain a variety of natural ingredients, with each ingredient providing its own special nutrition. The four necessary ingredients were chicken for its protein, carrots for its vitamin A plus other nutrients, green beans for its iron, calcium, vitamins B6, A, C, and K, and quinoa, a “superfood” for its antioxidants and wide variety of minerals.

“I’ve tried many of the refrigerated and frozen products, but I found them inconvenient. These other brands cluttered my refrigerator and freezer, leaving little-to-no space for my families’ meals. That’s when my father and I came up with the idea of packaging the food, and later with the help of university scientists, we perfected a cooking and packaging process that yielded a safe, convenient way to store the food. Consumers shouldn’t have to sacrifice freshness for the convenience of storing food in the pantry,” said Chip Bergstrom, co-founder & CEO.

Tom Rosedale, co-founder, added, “We designed subscription packages for customers to experience convenience starting with the point of purchase.  Once a customer chooses a monthly subscription option, the food will be delivered directly to their home, and monthly deliveries will then follow to ensure that Top Shelf dogs are never without their new, favorite food.  Easier for you, Better for themTM”.

Top Shelf Dog is available online at in convenient monthly subscriptions.

About Top Shelf Dog

Top Shelf Dog believes that just like humans, all dogs deserve high-quality ingredients. We deliver on this mission by providing all natural, high-quality ingredients fortified with vitamins and minerals in shelf-stable packaging that minimizes the effort required to feed your dog a truly healthy meal.

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